Beta-Thalassemia Analysis KIT

78 genetic variations detected simultaneously. Based on established APEX technology. Everything you need is in one box. IVD CE certified.

Genorama® Genotyping Platform™

Genorama®Genotyping PlatformTM is a flexible, robust and affordable system for arrayed primer extension (APEX) based genotyping. All components of the platform have been designed and optimized specifically for accurate and reliable APEX-based applications.

Cystic Fibrosis Analysis KIT

289 genetic variations from CFTR gene detected simultaneously in a single run. Most frequently screened genetic variations in both Caucasians as well as non-Caucasians populations. IVD CE certified.

About Genorama

Genorama is a medical technology company focused on laboratory equipment for DNA diagnostics and in-vitro CE certified DNA test kits. Laboratories that install patented Genorama® QuattroImagerTM based DNA testing platform get an access to all reagents required for diagnostic grade DNA testing. In addition to existing validated DNA tests custom DNA test development is an option for Genorama customers.

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