GutWellTM Microbiome Analysis


Total € 120


During the last decade the knowledge about the microorganisms living in our body has grown tremendously. Nowadays, it is known that there are about the same amount of microbes in our body as there are our own human cells – approximately 37 trillions. The majority and biggest diversity of these microbes live in our gut, which is called gut microbiome.

GutWellTM test helps you to form a conscious diet and prevent diseases and health problems. The test gives answers about the following:

  • Which bacteria live in your gut?
  • How your gut bacteria infulence your body?
  • Are there enough beneficial bacteria in your gut?
  • Are there harmful bacteria in your gut?
  • Do your gut bacteria favor obesity?
  • Are your diet and microbiome community balanced or do you need changes in your dietary habits?
  • How to achieve balanced gut microbiome community?

Gut microbiome testing is easy. Stool sample is used for testing, which you can take conveniently at home.

We recommend to order at least 2 tests, first one before and next ones after following dietetic and lifestyle changes in 1-2 months. Time between 2 testing should not exceed 6 months.

Turnaround Time: 14 working days

Specimen Requirements: Stool sample
The sample collection kit will be sent by post to the address specified on the order.

Price: Standard test
120 EUR
Additional test
100 EUR per each