Genorama is focused on DNA tests related to health, nutrition, and fitness. The tests are designed to determine the risk of developing different diseases, obesity, and food intolerance. Testing results can provide valuable insight for nutritional and lifestyle recommendations or training tips based on personal genetic profile.

The company started in 2008. Our experts with strong scientific competence are translating genetic information into clear answers and, thereby, help people take a more active role in their healthcare decisions depending on their genetic predispositions and risks.

Genorama’s laboratory is an authorized medical laboratory (Health Board licence #L04150). Our services comply with the highest level quality standards and are certified by ISO 9001:2015. We regularly participate in external quality assurance schemes to maintain the highest level of testing services.

Genorama’s testing portfolio also involves tests for proving biological relationships like paternity, maternity, grandparentage, and siblingship. Establishment of biological relatedness between other individuals is available upon request.

Determining a biological relationship can be important for many reasons such as providing medical family history of the child, confirming kinship among adoptees, and helping people to make informed personal decisions.