Nutrition counsellor


Nutritional counselling based on the results of genetic testing takes into account your genetic characteristics in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, the risks of overweight and the impact of physical activity on body weight. With the help of a nutrition counsellor, you can find the right solutions for a healthy diet every day.



Nutrition counselling is for you, if you want to:

  • Eat healthily, taking into account your genetic characteristics;
  • Lose weight;
  • Change your lifestyle and diet;
  • Be more energetic;
  • Get rid of health problems (e.g. digestive problems);

Nutritional counselling will help you to find out if your dietary choices are right, if you are getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and what needs to be changed and to what extent.

The counselling includes one consultation (up to 60min) and feedback by email or, if necessary, a second appointment. At the first appointment, you will have your 5-day diet analysed, fill in a questionnaire and review the results of your genetic test. In addition, an overview of healthy eating will be given. After the meeting, a 5-day nutrition plan is drawn up, taking into account the client’s habits, needs and possibilities. The feedback is used to review the impact of the dietary plan, to make changes if necessary and to provide guidance for the future. The cost of the consultation is 65€.

In addition, we also recommend that you purchase a microbiome test, which will allow your nutritionist to provide you with accurate information based on the specific characteristics of your microbiota. You can find it HERE.