Paternity test


Standard test includes the testing of one alleged father and one child.

It is possible to add more individuals in the testing. Make your choice below. Additional individual costs 56 EUR per person.

Where possible, we also recommend including a maternal sample in the test to ensure an accurate result in rare cases.

Total € 170


18-marker genetic analysis by Promega PowerPlex® 18D System kit is used for paternity testing.

Turnaround Time: 5-10 working days

Specimen Requirements: Buccal cell sample
The sample collection kit will be sent by mail to the address specified on the order.

Child + alleged father
170 EUR
Additionally tested individuals
56 EUR per each

Important to note:

The accuracy of the paternity test and other biological relationship tests is 99.99%. Although an accurate result is guaranteed by comparing the DNA of the father with that of the child, we recommend that you include a sample from the mother where possible.
By including the mother’s DNA, we can more accurately determine which part of the child’s DNA comes from the mother and which remaining part of the child’s DNA needs to be compared with the presumed father. Testing the mother will also help to accurately determine the probability of paternity in exceptional cases where the same allele is inherited from both parents.

To include the mother’s sample, select one additional person when ordering the test.
You can find out more about genetic testing on the FAQ page.