Genetic Test of Sleep


The genetic test of sleep, developed by Sports Gene LLC allows comparing of established daily rhythm with internal rhythm arising from genetic disposition (i.e. whether a person is more likely an evening type or a morning type) and its impact on cognitive and athletic performance, eating behaviour and metabolism.



Attention and performance at different times of a day are determined by chronotype, which has been proven to have a significant genetic component.

For optimum functionality of a body, the signals from the external environment and the body’s internal signals must be in sync. This requires continuous adaptation, which takes extra effort and energy from the body. In extreme cases, conflict of biological and social clock may affect the quality of life because of low performance during normal working hours, and lead to sleep deprivation. This in turn may cause excess food and alcohol consumption, as well as psychological and weight issues.

The results of the genetic test of sleep indicate:

  • Whether you are more likely a morning type or an evening type (or intermediate type);
  • How does sustained wakefulness impact your muscular activity and awareness of external environment;
  • How well is your body restored in deep sleep;
  • Do you have a risk of developing DSPS*;
  • How does your chronotype affect your eating behaviour;
  • What is your peak athletic performance time;
  • How does your body respond to external factors affecting mental capacity.

*Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Turnaround Time: 30 working days

Specimen Requirements: Buccal cell sample
The sample collection kit will be sent by mail to the address specified on the order.

Price: 58 EUR